Meet the Publishers

After working together for over a decade, Culture Co-op and Archrival have combined their specialties in research and branding to co-publish Humanly.

Photo of Culture Co-op

Culture Co-op is a boutique culture and trends agency. We like to think of our work as part trend research, part investigative journalism, part anthropology. We help our clients gain a better understanding of Generations X, Y and Z—as well as the cultural shifts that mark their lives now and in the future.

Not only are we continually studying people, we are also constantly exploring emerging trends in the categories that surround them, including technology, retail, food, media and more. 

Our clients include GoPro, BuzzFeed, BBC, Chobani, and NBCUniversal, among others, and media outlets including the New York Times, Fast Company, Time, and The Today Show have featured our work.

Photo of Archrival

Archrival is an independent creative agency with an expertise in youth culture. We make brands relevant with young adults through smart strategy, bold creative and authentic experiences.

Armed with cultural insights from our partners, Archrival concepts and executes big ideas to drive brand love, product consumption and mass awareness across teens and twenty- somethings. The result might be a much-buzzed about digital engagement, social content you can’t stop watching, a retail event to hype a product launch or an on-the-ground activation that takes over campus; each project brings with it unique set of circumstances that we love to take on.

Archrival never-says-die for a who’s who of youth-minded brands, including Red Bull, adidas and Razer, and are always looking for new friends.