This is a selection from Humanly, Issue 02, which focuses on Generation Z and teen culture.

The first wave of suburban develop-ment wiped out farms to make room for tract housing; now, farms are sweeping back into the ‘burbs.

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Agrihoods are a new style of residential development designed around a working farm. More than a dozen agrihoods currently exist around the country, as homebuyers aspire to lead a more farm-to-table lifestyle, meaning access to lush green spaces, local seasonal produce, and even the chance to dig in the dirt a bit. Take Agritopia in Phoenix, Arizona, which has 450 single-family homes, as well as 160 acres of certified organic farmland, growing everything from artichokes to apples and housing livestock including chickens, ducks, turkeys, and sheep. While urban gardens are trending in cities from Brooklyn to Oakland, agrihoods are proof that green thumbs—and people who just fancy themselves as eco-conscious consumers—may be even better suited for life in cul-de-sac communities.

This is a selection from Humanly, Issue 02, which focuses on Generation Z and teen culture.

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